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Ether War

Play Ether War Unblocked game online free.Ether Wars is a strategy board game, based on extraction and resource management as well as in combat and enemies domination. A game with a high replayability and a large number strategic combinations, where your decisions will depend of each movement of your enemies and environmental events.

The game is set in a fantastic science fiction scenario. The planet “Etheria”, the only place in the universe where you can find the “Ether”, the most powerful energy in its purest form. The “Ethereals”, the old inhabitants of this planet time ago disappeared. They chose the highest elite of the universe, “The Council” to protect the power of the Ether. “The Wars”; An old tradition, a tournament organized by the Council where the different species of the universe fight to prove their skills over the others and make their champion part of the Council to own and protect the true power of Ether.

Category: Action

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